Hi there! I am Praveen.

Cloud Architect, Technology Speaker, Director of Technology @Egen

I joined Egen in Fall 2012 as a Software Engineer. Over these years, I grew from being an individual contributor on a client project to building the Egen Engineering (aka EGENeering) organization from null. During this period, I have seen us growing from 1 engineer to now an amazing team of 250+ engineers, architects, and product owners spread across our multiple projects. Alongside these teams, I have worked with our enterprise and startup clients in the fields of Industrial IoT, Retail, Food/Grocery Delivery, Healthcare, Executive Coaching, and Event Management. One personal trait that I have been able to inject in these teams is the obsession with constant learning and experimentation. My teams are working with the top 3 Cloud Providers, major programming stacks, modern data and app architectures while following Cloud Native Engineering Principles. The approaches that we have taken to solve complex problems are nothing short of amazing. These are the experiences I love to bring into my technology speaking.

As a Cloud Architect, I advise our clients about implementing event-driven platforms, cloud-native app and data architectures built on top of first-class automation of cloud services. Being involved hands-on at the both extremes of enterprises and small startups simultaneously, I understand the importance of architectures and processes that work for one but not the other. Startups' projects allow me to experiment with new ideas and give confidence to then use those at an enterprise level; a breath of fresh air. On the reverse, the complexities and scale of the enterprise problems help me clear the blind-spots for the startups ahead of the time. Win-win for everyone. On many instances, I started a project with hiring, mentoring, and leading a small team of EGENeers and then scaled it to 10+ teams developing a distributed platform. A few times, I screwed up and now I proudly call that as lessons learned; another element of my technology speaking.

I was born in 1987 (do the math), in a small district in central India (Ratlam) and lived there for the first 18 years of my life. Have been in love with computers since I was 14 years old. Right after my undergrad, I came to USA in 2010 for my studies at University of Florida and graduated with Masters in Computer Engineering in 2012. Still miss the Sunshine State weather and relaxed UF student culture (aka Gator Nights).

Go Gators 🐊; from the cold winters of Chicago ❄️.

Throughout my academics and career, I never enjoyed theoretical learning. Being an audio-visual learner, all of my learning has come from YouTube videos, podcasts, shows, movies, and hands-on tutorials. Apart from investing my time in technology, I also have creative passion for vector graphics (logos, colors, fonts, patterns), music, video editing, and experience of Adobe Creative Cloud (Ai, Ps, Xd, Pr). When I mix that creativity with technical architectures, amazing things happen. I am able to deliver high-quality content while talking on complex subjects with the sarcasm of a certain Chandler Bing.

Circa 2014, I became overconfident with my storytelling skills and started teaching modern technical stack including JavaScript frameworks, Java, Microservices, AWS, Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes. 8000+ students so far. These days I host meetups (Chicago Node.js and Cloud Collective), technical webinars, and workshops, both within Egen, in the community, and for our clients. I create content on various platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Medium, LinkedIn, and other EdTech platforms. This site provides a single point of entry to the world through my perspectives.

If you’d like to get hold of me, you can contact me here.

Speaker Bio (in a serious tone)

Praveen is a Cloud Architect and the Director of Technology at Egen, living in Chicago. Over the last 10 years, he has been involved “hands-on” on multiple projects developing distributed platforms, microservices, APIs, data pipelines, user facing apps, and infrastructure automation. He has led technical teams in Industrial IoT, Healthcare, and Retail solutions for various startups and enterprises. He has trained more than 8000 engineers on modern technical stack, including JavaScript frameworks, Java, AWS, Azure, Docker, and Kubernetes. In the last few years, he has started public speaking and advising companies on the Cloud-Native architectures.

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