RESTful APIs with Java8 and Spring Boot

A series of 10 sessions focusing on RESTful API development with Java8, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Swagger, and testing.

A huge upgrade to my previous Java workshops, this series focused on developing RESTful APIs with the popular microservice architecture in the mind. Over the 16 day period (2 hours each) of this online workshop, I covered:

  • Git
  • Maven
  • Java8 Fundamentals
  • Spring Fundamentals
  • JPA with Hibernate and Spring ORM
  • Spring Boot for implementing RESTful API
  • Spring Data JPA for Database Operations
  • Swagger for API documentation
  • Testing RESTful APIs

The attendees worked on a workshop project focused on using above technologies and submitting it for the final review.

The same series was repeated for the next 24 months and helped around 2200+ engineering graduates to get a head start in the world of microservices with Spring Boot based RESTful API development.