RESTful APIs with Node and NestJS

A series of 5 sessions focusing on RESTful API development with TypeScript, NestJS, TypeORM, Swagger, and testing.

A brand new workshop focusing on developing RESTful API microservices using modern server side JavaScript frameworks like NestJS and TypeORM. Over the 5 day period (2 hours each) of this online workshop, I covered:

  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • TypeScript Fundamentals
  • NestJS Fundamentals
  • Developing RESTful APIs with NestJS
  • TypeORM Fundamentals and connectivity with PostgreSQL
  • Swagger Integration for API documentation
  • Testing (unit and integration) NestJS based RESTful API

This workshop paved the way for using JavaScript on the fullstack: front-end and back-end RESTful APIs on lot of our future projects. We were able to use the same concepts of JavaScript/TypeScript both for React/Angular based web apps and for the NestJS based APIs.