12 Factor App Principles for front-end apps

12Factor App principles are the basis of a cloud-native architecture. This talk focused on how to apply some of those for the front-end apps written in Angular, React, or Vue.

How can we apply 12Factor App Principles to the front-end apps built using Angular, React, or Vue? How do we follow the principle of “Build Once, Deploy Many”? What about environment-based config? Can we answer some of these questions using Docker?

In this talk, I discussed how to apply 12Factor App Principles to the front-end apps while running them in Docker containers. I demonstrated how to use environment based config and implement health-checks for the front-end apps correctly. I used a React based app for the demo, but these principles can be applied to any JavaScript-based front-end framework.

This meetup was organized by Chicago JavaScript Meetup Group meetup group and event details are available here.

The GitHub repo for the sample project used in this meetup is available here.