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  • meetup November 3, 2021
    Elasticsearch Administration on Kubernetes

    Elasticsearch is a great distributed architecture. But it can be complex to manage and oeprate. This talk focused on provisioning production grade Elasticsearch cluster using Elastic Operator on ECK and monitoring it using Elastic Observability Stack.

  • meetup October 21, 2021
    A Day in the Life of an Elasticsearch Architect

    Elasticsearch is a great distributed architecture. But it can be complex to manage and oeprate. This talk focused on sharing our learnings of architecting and managing both small and large scale Elasticsearch clusters.

  • meetup April 1, 2021
    Diving into Istio Service Mesh for Kubernetes

    Modern microservice architectures are complex and runs into operational challenges with connectivity, security, and observability. This talk focused on addressing those challenges with Istio service mesh in Kubernetes based deployments.

  • workshop March 25, 2021
    Terraform with Azure

    A half day long private workshop focusing on Terraform fundamentals and hands-on exercise with Azure Cloud and Azure Kubernetes Service.

  • workshop March 4, 2021
    Cloud Networking 101

    A 2hr private workshop focusing the fundamentals of the modern Cloud Networking.

  • webinar December 10, 2020
    Surviving the Peak: Optimizing the Cloud to Prevent Downtime

    In this webinar, I talked about the challenges arising due to a system downtime within the context of online retail , how to address them, and what processes and architectures to put in place to prevent them in the future.

  • article September 30, 2020
    Running Kubernetes Workload on Amazon EC2 Spot Instances

    Spot Instances provide up to 90% of the cost savings but dealing with them is like playing with fire. With an advance Kubernetes configuration, you can automate the workload transfer and mitigate the risk of interruptions.

  • webinar September 25, 2020
    Cloud-Native Engineering Principles

    This talk focused on Cloud-Native Engineering Principles used in developing modern data and app platforms at egen. It was hosted for the students of National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India.

  • article September 19, 2020
    Your Cloud Spend Doesn't Have to be that Ridiculously High

    Scalability of the cloud outweighs most other considerations but ballooning cloud costs is a genuine problem – especially if they're starting to affect your bottom line. Let me provide few options to save on the cloud cost, some without even involving your engineering team.

  • whitepaper August 20, 2020
    10 Ways to Reduce Cloud Costs

    In our new economic reality, it has never been more important to increase focus on high-value projects, differentiate your solutions from competitors, and most urgently, find new ways to improve the bottom line.