Container Orchestration with Azure Kubernetes Service

A day long hands-on workshop focusing on fundamentals of containers and container orchestration using Azure Kubernetes Service.

This one-day in-person workshop focused on bringing concepts of Containers and Container Orchestration to the front-end and back-end engineers. During the day, I covered:

  • Container vs Virtual Machine
  • Container Fundamentals
  • Docker and Docker Compose
  • Docker Volumes
  • Overview of the Kubernetes Architecture
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Setup using Terraform
  • Azure Active Directory integration with AKS
  • kubectl Fundamentals
  • Ingress Controller Fundamentals and Installation
  • externaldns installation
  • SSL certification automation using cert-manager
  • Kubernetes Persistent Volumes

During the workshop, the 50+ attendees followed the hands-on exercises on deploying a microservice (Spring Boot, Python, and Node) in a containerized fashion on Azure Kubernetes Service and accessing those endpoints using Ingress Controllers. The services were backed by PostgreSQL databases running along with Kubernetes Persistent Volume attached to the Pod.